Top Knot Tutorial
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Top Knot Tutorial

Simply Sutter - Top Knot Tutorial - Hairstyle

Happy Friday! Everyone I’m thrilled that I finally had a chance to edit this video for you all! I was so bummed when I had issues doing it last time. I get a ton of questions about how I do my top knot and I always say it is hard to explain but hopefully this video helps. I honestly have been doing my hair this way for such a long time that it feels weird if I try it another way!

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FYI i’m still learning video and how to edit so this isn’t quite as glamorous as i’d like it to be =) Hopefully I will get the hang of doing these lol but for doing this myself I say it’s not too shabby! If you have any tips or positive feedback let me know!

Simply Sutter - Top Knot - Hair tutorial

Thanks so much requesting this video! If you all have any other recommendations let me know! Have a fabulous weekend!

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