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Travel Style Must Haves

With this weekend and the Fourth of July approaching soon I thought that for today’s post i’d chat about travel style. I’m not sure about you but when it comes travel style I like to keep things simple and functional.¬†travel style - travel blogger - travel outfit

Pants and Top: No matter where I travel I always make sure that I wear clothes that are comfortable. Sometimes I wear stretchy denim but for the most part I wear leggings. Leggings like the ones i’m styling are great for long plane or car rides. Also you never know if you there is an exertion or last minute hike that might happen.

You all know I love me some t-shirts! I can’t stand to wear tight clothing for long periods of time! A loose tee like this $34 one is essential! It says REST IN PARADISE

Outerwear: A denim jacket is always a great idea in my book. Here is a tip : to save room in your bag or suitcase wear your bulkiest items like a denim jacket. I always get cold in airports and in case that’s another reason I bring my jacket.

Footwear: When picking out footwear I like to choose shoes that are easy to take on and off. Shoes like slip on sneakers, boots or even flip flops work best. There is nothing worse then being that person that is holding up the line because they are lacing and unlacing shoes lol. Not to mention any names but my hubby does that sometimes.

Luggage: Last year Chris and I planned a trip to South Carolina and we needed new luggage so I we picked up these all carry ons. I love this one it’s sleek looking and ¬†fits everything I need nicely. My goto bag is this berry colored tote I got last year. This is the large sized one but what I love on top of that it fits EVERYTHING for the trip in it, it also folds so that it can be stored away.

travel outfit - legging style - travel blogger - travel

Delsey Luggage - slip on sneakers - travel outfit - simply sutter

longchamp - travel tote - luggage

Long champ tote - luggage - travel - airport style

What do you all like to wear when you travel?

I can’t wait to celebrate The 4th of July but i’m kinda bummed it’s on a Tuesday! Also I’ll be sharing the cutest romper that is perfect for this 4th and summer on instagram soon!