How To Wear A Trench Coat + Shop Them Under $150
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How To Wear A Trench Coat + Shop Them Under $150

how to wear a trench coat


When the temperature starts to warm up but you still might need a coat, what coat do you use? I have that answer for you! The trench coat is the perfect jacket to wear when those days happen. Today I’m sharing how to wear a trench coat and also sharing a few other trench coats under $150.

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For as long as I can remember I always that thought that women who wore trench coats looked so chic! Then again I had this thought that they were only for people who lived in places where it was a rainy or you lived in London. How wrong I was! I got my first trench coat when I was in my early 20’s and let’s just say I didn’t wear it as much as I should have. Nowadays though you better believe I wear that trench coat as much as possible! I also feel ultra chic while wearing it!

How To Wear A Trench Coat

When it comes to wearing 1 of my 3 trench coats I tend to go with a chic or dressy style. For today’s post I’m sharing a chic but everyday way to wear it. To go with my trench coat that I’ve had for a couple of years now I went a classic striped tee paired with black jeans and a statement colored pair or heels. You can alter these items to your liking of course! Some ideas would be to go with white jeans, black and white stripe top and go with a pair of sneakers or ¬†suede boots.

how to wear a trench coat with jeans and a stripe shirt


“Adding a trench coat on top of these everyday pieces really creates a daring and effortless look”.


trench coat outfit ideas include jeans a tee and heels

Trench Coat Outfit Ideas

With Valentine’s Day outfit ideas already in my mind I know this one would be perfect for a casual date. If you need a more dressy idea I’d go with a longer trench coat like one of the ones I linked above to go over a nice dress. When it comes to trench coats I would say wouldn’t need more than 2 of them. One long and one short. When it comes to colors for trench coats I like to stick with ones that are more neutral like khaki. I do however have one in white lace and have my eye on a blush pink one.

Trench Coats Under $150

If you are looking for a trench coat but don’t want to spend too much, then you have come to the right place sista! Below you are going to find a few that are under $150 and that are great if you don’t have one yet.

How to style a trench coat + shop trench coats under $150

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading today’s post. If you liked it or want to chat more about trench coats leave me a comment below. Don’t forget if you are looking for trench coats under $150 I linked some for you above. I can’t wait to hear from you!

PS: If you are looking for more trench coat inspiration CLICK HERE! This one is a bit more spring but still adorable!