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A bangle for everyday

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There are days where choosing my outfits takes a lot of time, especially when they are for photoshoots. When curating my looks I pick out handbags all the way to the perfect shoes and by the time I get to jewelry well lets just say I am spent. And my room looks like a complete DISASTER! As I have grown older I find myself slowly but surely getting rid of a ton of excess jewelry and sticking with pieces that are easy to incorporate. One piece of jewelry I have recently come to adore is this beaded bangle from Trollbeads.

My bracelet contains beautiful copper stoppers, silver and stone beads. With a combo like this it is simple for me to pair it with just about anything. This bangle adds sophistication to date night looks and adds a delicate flare to casual everyday styles. Have I mentioned I also love the sizing options available. I have small wrists so that fact that Trollbead’s sizes run from XXS – L is amazing. The one I am wearing today is in XS.¬†

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lace romper - beaded bracelet - trollbeads - jewelry

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Trollbeads I am wearing

Bumpy Ride is my favorite one. I find myself fiddling with it’s bumpyness that reminds me ” I will get through this”.

Moss Agate has this lovely green color that is said to help with concentration and success. Who doesn’t need more of that!

*other beads included are: black onyx, hibiscus, and copper stopper*

beaded bangle - bangle - trollbeads - jewel

lace romper - trollbeads - collaboration - beaded jewelry

Trollbeads originated in Denmark but can now be found in over 400 countries around the world. I know I plan on adding a few beads to this bracelet soon! With over 600 beads to choose from who knows a few might turn into another bracelet!

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Thank you to troll beads for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.