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DIY Choker - Choker style - Choker
Happy Friday everyone! Quick question?! Have you hopped on the choker bandwagon yet?! I love when older trends make a comeback! I remember my mom and I would make the cutest necklaces when I was younger (like 12-13ish) I had this polka dot choker with a cute little flower on it…so cute. While I could have easy purchased a choker at a store I thought I’d try making them like back in the day. It’s super simple! 
DIY Choker - Choker style - Choker
Required Items: 
Leather Cording – I used the flatter leather to make both 
Favorite Beads – Example
Instructions: Image on Left 
Cut leather cording to desired length 
Place beads at both ends ( you can add as many as you want ) I used one at each end 
Tie a knot at bottom so the beads don’t fall out 
Instructions: Image on Right
Cut cord to preferred length 
Tie into a bow ( I put the bow towards the side ) 
Aren’t these so cute! If you need more inspiration CLICK HERE for more ideas 
DIY Choker - Choker style - Choker
Blue Sweater: Abercrombie Sold Out Similar Top 
Thank you to the lovely followers who suggest more DIY’s I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if there is anything else you fancy to see on here! 
Have a great weekend