How to wear the velvet shoe trend
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How to wear the velvet shoe trend

Simply Sutter - Fall Outfit - velvet - grey sweater

Last year the velvet trend made a slight appearance but this year it is going full steam ahead! Especially for fall! Do you remember this gorgeous blue dress a few weeks ago on insta stories? Just incase, you can check it out here. Ok back to my velvet inspired fall look. There are so many ways to add velvet into your wardrobe but without being to overwhelming I say shoes are a good way to start. These mary janes are from last year but I have a very good feeling they are going to be my favorite heels this fall season. Since these beauties are from last year they are on Major sale $39. Find them here.

I paired my heels with my favorite pair of jeans and this grey sweater. The back of this sweater has a bow tie back which I am loving! It is also $35 ¬†You know me I cant say no to bows! I’m not normally a big handbag kind of girl but this oldie but goodies for HB is one of my ultimate go to bags. The front pouch actually zips off and changes into a clutch which is actually super convenient.

I’ve made sure to link a few other shoe options just incase for you as well below.

Simply Sutter - Fall outfit

Simply Sutter - Fall outfit - velvet heels

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