7 Things We Love About Each Other / Our Marriage
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7 Things We Love About Each Other / Our Marriage



Today is a special day for Chris and I!!! It is our 7 year wedding anniversary! I honestly can’t believe we have ONLY been married for 7 years! Chris and I have actually been together for 12 years and married for 7 so maybe that’s why it feels like longer to me. We have had our ups believe us but we feel really blessed to have each other!


I thought it would be fun to have Chris and I share 7 things that we love about each other and our marriage in today’s post. Chris suggested I do a post on 7 ways he’s so fabulous but I rolled my eyes and vetoed that!


7 Things We Love About Each Other and Our Marriage




–  I love how we are always what each other needs in a time of need. I’m super emotional and Chris is always there to make me feel loved and pulls me out of a slum. If Chris needs a bit of a push I’m there to help him get to the finish line.


–  Chris always puts our marriage and family first above anything else!


–  I love that we are big kids at heart! We watch animated movies, dress up for halloween and dance with each other!


–  Who wouldn’t love a guy who rubs their feet =)



–  I’m constantly attracted to Monic’s authenticity. Her ability to consistently stay true to herself helps me be true to mine. In a world of constant comparison she helps me stay grounded.


– From loving random bunny pics to wanting to adopt ALL the puppies, Monic’s compassion and big heart are easy to love. She makes the holidays, time with family, and even a night in exactly what they should be.


– I love how she loves the little things. It can be a coffee on the porch or a walk after dinner, the little things are everything.


our anniversary


Happy Anniversary Bub I love you MORE and MORE each day!