What I Watched On TV (Round 2)
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What I Watched On TV (Round 2)

Well hello there! Are the girl that is like “Yes, its Friday let’s go out” or “Yes, it’s to binge my fave shows?”. I’m bit of both but this Friday I’m just ready to chill and watch my fave shows. You all really loved when I shared a round up of what I’ve been watching on tv so here is round 2!


Someone Great (Netflix) This is such a cute movie a LOL, I cried so many emotions! Great chick flick with some empowerment as well. The scene where gina is singing in the kitchen too cute and I’ve memorized the song =)

Book Club (Amazon Prime) If you happen to be a Diane Keaton fan you are goin got love this one. As story of 4 friends who have a book club but are each going through different things in their life. I honestly have seen this twice its just a funny light hearted watch.

The Perfect Date (Netflix) I thought this was an okay romcom movie. It took me two tries to finish watching it but I like watching rom coms so its worth a watch.


The Bold Type (HULU) Currently I’m caught up and watching season two. It’s all about fashion, love and life decisions.

Super Store (HULU) Chris and I are about half way through the most current season (4) and we cant get enough! The plot revolves around workers at store called cloud and what happens in the store everyday is hilarious. Theres always something thew and funny to laugh about.

Imposters – (Netflix) Last year I watched season 1 and loved it I binged it in a few days. Now I’m on season 2 and  it’s good so far but not as good as season one was but hopefully it will pick back up since im only a few episodes in.


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Hopefully you have found something new to watch on tv next time you get a chance. If you didn’t get a chance to check round 1 you can do so HERE.

If you all have any shows that you would like to recommend you can leave them below! I’d love check them out! Have a great weekend!