What I Watched On TV (Round 1)
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What I Watched On TV (Round 1)

what tv shows to watch on tv


First off Happy Friday everyone! This weekend could not have come any sooner! I went to instagram stories last month to see if you all would be interested in seeing a monthly round up of shows I have watched. 90% of you said yes! I love watching tv shows and movies so every month I will be sharing I’ll be sharing what I watched. Let jump into round 1 of this series shall we!

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I don’t know if this is a weird thing but I watch certain show for certain parts of the day or even my mood! Does anyone else do this? Another thing I do is keep a secret list of shows that I don’t share with my husband! YUP! I always get a bit frustrated when my husband travels for work and I can’t watch certain shows because he is away. LOL I know I’m horrible! most of the time they are girly shows but still I’m okay with it!

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Shows I’m Watching

Let’s start with some shows that I’m watching in the evenings. Is there anything better then curling up on the sofa in your comfy clothes with a giant bowl of popcorn to watch a show at the end of the day?

Roswell – This show is a remake of the one that was made in 1999. This remake is only five episodes in but already I love it! I love sci-fi shows so this one is that and a bit of a love story as well.

Younger – I’m fully caught up and not so patiently waiting for it’s return. After season 3 I sort of forgot about it but decided to pick it back up one evening. I then binged watched it! I think it took me a close to a week to get caught up. This is a fun girly show with lots a rom com feel but also drama! PS the outfits on this show are FABULOUS!

Madam Secretary – When I take a break from work in the afternoon Madam Secretary is my go to. Téa Leon makes a great bad ass secretary! I’m on season 3 right now and almost finished. I think of this show as my mid day pick me up to get shiz done!

The Great British Baking Show – If you are looking for an all around delight, love baking and British accents give this one a try. Chris and I watch an episode almost every night before bed. We started in the most recent season 6 and are working out way back to season one. Chris says that the episodes are way better with my commentary! I can’t help it when it comes to baking competitions!


Okay now that you have seen what I’ve watched on tv lets chat about it! Have you seen any of these tv shows? Do you have any other tv show recommendations? I’m all ears! Leave them below in the comment sections!


I hope you all have a great weekend! I will see you back here on Monday!