What To Watch and Read : Round 7
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What To Watch and Read : Round 7

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I haven’t shared a what to watch and read post in quite some time so I thought I’d share one today with you all!



Space Force – If you are a Steve Carell fan and like comedies this show is one you will like! Chris and I just finished it a few nights ago and already are hoping they bring it back for season 2!

Somebody Feed Phil Season 3 – Can’t get enough of this show. Both Chris and I always say that we would love to travel with Phil and try new restaurants and foods. The Begining intro is one I never skip so catchy!

The Healer – My parents actually watched this with us a few weeks ago and we thought it was cute! I’m a sucker for movies where it takes place in a cute small town.

Person of Interest – This show is not new and we have already watched all the seasons but it is good so we are watching it again here and there. It’s good if you like mystery/drama.

The Legacy of the Bones – My mom and I really love watching Spanish movies so when she told me to check this one out for a thriller/mystery I checked it out and it was so good. It is a trilogy and the first 2 are currently available to watch right now.



The Baker and the Beauty – LOVE this show about a supermodel and well a baker! It is a super cute watch!


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Upload – Chris and I zoomed through this show after the first 2 episodes. It’s all about being uploaded into an after life program when you pass away. The ending was a shocker!

Grimm – Grimm is a rewatch for me. This show is about a detective who can see people as their true creature form.


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Snowpiercer – If you loved the movie you are going to love the show! We are hooked and already caught up on all the episodes!




The Couple Next Door – Originally I bought this book for my mom since she really likes mystery/ thriller books. After she got done reading it I gave it a read too! It was an easy read about a couple who’s baby goes missing from their home and they are trying to find out who took here. You won’t believe who did it!



The Two Lives of Lydia Bird – When it comes to this read it took me quite a while to get into. About half way through I started to get more interested but if you like romance and drama give this one a read.



If you are watching anything or have any book recommendations please leave them below! I’d love to check them out!