What To Watch & Read : Round 4
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What To Watch & Read : Round 4

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Plus One (HULU) – Plus One is the most recent movie I’ve seen and it is too cute. Two long time friends decide that would be each others plus one to all the weddings they got invited to. As they start to go to these weddings there true feelings for each other start to come up.

Ladies In Black (Amazon) – This movie is set in Australia during 1959. Four ladies who work in a big department store share there stories of where life takes them during the Christmas season.

Love Happens (Amazon) – Love Happens stars Jennifer Anniston on Aaron Ekhart. Aaron Ekhart is a self help guru who meets JA a flower shop owner who helps him find how to confront his wife passing away.

The Bookshop (HULU) – In 1950 a widower decides to open up a bookshop later to find out that a very big presensce in the town has other ideas for her shop.



TV Shows

Holy Moly (HULU) – Chris loves this show! It has made us laugh so hard at thing that happen on a mini golf course. Stephan Curry is one of the golfers and hosts as well.

Wu Assassins (Netflix) – This show I was a bit confused as to what was happening in the first few episodes but it got better as it went. A Wu Assassin is to defeat four elemental wu’s and bring back the balance of San Fransisco. There is a lot of action and martial arts happening!

Harrow (HULU) – We have only watched one episode of this but the ending of the first episode completely had us in shock! A forensic pathologist helps solve crime but you won’t believe the twist!

Cable Girls Season 3 (Netflix) – You may have heard me talk about this show before but it’s a good one! Season 3 just came out not too long ago and its just as good as the first 2 seasons. If you love drama this is the show for you.



The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris – I love a good chiclit book and the ones by Jenny Colgan are my go to’s. They are sort of like a hallmark movie which I absolutely love. A girl ends up being having an accident while at work where she loses 2 toes. During the time of her recovery she meets someone from her past who gives her an opportunity to live in Paris and work for a great chocolate maker!

The Book of Life (Audible) – This is the third book of a trilogy. I read the actual two books but this one was a bit longer then the others ones so I decided to listen to the audiobook instead.  I have about an hour and half left but it’s been a good listen. These books have to do with vampires, witches and more.


Are you watching anything good? Let me know I’d love to check it out! You might even see it on here next time!


Have a nice weekend