Why the word Infertility Scares Me?
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Why the word Infertility Scares Me?

Somedays are harder than others I’ll be honest. 
There is no exact discripition of what it feels like so here are some words that popped in my head.
(unbearable, foggy, lifeless, rushed, broken, endless I could go on..)
I had this perfect picture in my head..
The one everyone has 
The one where you meet your sole mate and you get married and you start to plan you life together and have beautiful babies. 
I know its there the “I’ word 
I choose not to let my mind wonder about that awful word because we haven’t quite got there yet
not because we don’t want kids but because we are just enjoying being newly married regaurdless of being together for 6 years and whats wrong with that?!
That “I” word is ticking in my head when I sleep and when I wake 
Today is one of those days I feel like I’m being rushed , it’s got to happen now or never!
How do you deal?
How do you not let that word get the best of you?
Infertility today you are a word 
 a word that I wish never existed