My Work From Home #WFH Makeup Routine
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My Work From Home #WFH Makeup Routine

Work From Home Makeup


I’m not sure about you but since being quarantined I started to realize that the less I wanted to do makeup. Once I started to do that more I was being less productive. Hence I took it upon myself to figure out a simple makeup routine I could do working from home. Simply getting dressed and putting on makeup like normal really does start the day off right. Even if it is a simplified version!


Work From Home Makeup

When it comes to my work form home makeup routine I like to keep make sure I keep my face hydrated with a glow. First I start off with a really good moisturizing primer like this one from First Aide Beauty. I follow that up with their hydrating medium coverage CC cream. A tiny bit of this CC cream goes a long way and leaves my skin looking dewey. If I feel like I need to cover a blemish or two I’ll do some concealer. Next up I add in a bit of this highlighter ( shade peachgasm ) on my cheeks. Mascara and brows are always my go to beauty items. This two are great!

Lastly, I finish my work from home routine with a swipe of a soft neutral lip color and spritz my face with a setting spray!

The entire makeup routine takes about 5 minutes and lasts all day.


easy work from home makeup routine


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