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Wow talk about No Excuses November 
I have totally slacked on blogging 
I’m Sorry
So what has been going on U Ask.??
Pictures ! I feel like I have been pretty lucky ! I say this because my husband and I won a free photoshoot with an amazing photographer ! yes ! when I found out I was like this is perfect and because who doesn’t like to win things 
That being said last sunday we packed up the pups and headed to dear valley to take our Christmas pictures 
I will say that when you live in AZ you have to get pretty creative if you want it to look christmasy in any way. We had so much fun ! Once I get them I will post some so you guys can see and maybe it will give you some ideas for your pictures 
Check Out Leah Hope Photography Here (she is such a lovely person) Thank You Again Leah
Chili ! Yes Chili ! Being part Panamanian I feel like chili is not a thing I grew up with so its not something im that interested in So when my husband came home saying babe I entered us in the chili contest at work so we have to make chili I simply smiled and said ok “we” can do this meaning “me” he did help grocery shop and taste test lol but ..Hey we Won 1st Place WHAT WHAT !
I was so proud lol 
I can’t take the credit for the recipe tho I found it on… PINTEREST
Thats my secret oh and some red pepper flakes 
* Link for chili below * I used Half the bacon and used a crock pot instead  *
jalapeno chili
Here is a little funny for your day today 
Luvz M