12 Simple Date Night In Ideas
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12 Simple Date Night In Ideas

date night in ideas


Date nights are looking a bit differently lately but you know what that’s alright! Right now it’s all about connecting with each other somehow. This last weekend it really got me thinking about how Chris and I can still make time for each other so here are a few fun date night ideas for you all.


Date Night Ideas


Game Night In – Have one of you can pick a game each week. There are a ton of great two player game like dominoes, yhatezee, scrabble, farkle, Jaipur etc.


Bible Study – There are a lot of great bible studies out there that are another great way to connect. I’ve added a few below for you to check out.


Picnic – There is nothing quite like an outdoor picnic even if it it is outside in your own backyard, balcony or porch. Grab a blanket, drink and something to snack on.


Massages – Lol this one is my favorite lol. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy a foot rub, hand rub or scalp massage goes a long way! If you wanted to take it up a notch light a candle or have your fave essentials going.


Outdoor Bingo Walk – The next time you go on a walk try making a quick bingo board or you can use the one I create below.


walk bingo


Bike Ride – Chris and I love going on bike rides to get a bit of fresh air.


Wine Tasting – This is a great way to get rid of those almost empty wine bottles in the house. You can also use any other type of beverages Chris would probably want to do all those season beers he has in the fridge.


Outside Movie Night – Take your laptop outside and watch your favorite movies and cozy up with a blanket.


Dessert For Dinner – Chris and I do this every once in a while and it’s so fun! We’ve made cookies, cake balls, apple crumble and our favorite banana pudding with vanilla waffers and whipped cream! In fancy glasses of course =)


Comedy – Just because you can’t go see your fave comedians doesn’t mean you can’t have a good laugh! Get dressed up and watch a variety of comedians on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime even youtube!


Crafting Hobby – Calligraphy, paper mâché, watercoloring, popsicle art you name it try it out!


TIKTOK – Okay so this one Chris and I haven’t tried yet but hopefully we will soon though because I love watching videos of others doing them.


There you have it friends! 12 new date night in ideas for when you do have that time for each other. Remember that these don’t necessarily have to be done at night just whenever you have time. I hope you all are doing well and staying safe!