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How I get my smile camera ready + my favorite robes

white teeth - smile - camera ready smile - Simply Sutter

Hello lovelies! With the weekend halfway here this is the time that I make sure I start to prep things for photoshoots. When it comes to keeping my smile white I wish I could say it’s super simple but I admit that I sometimes feel like I have tried just about everything. I have sensitive teeth and sometimes products don’t quite work the same way on me as they do for others. I’ve tried profession dentist teeth whitening sessions, toothpastes and even strips. Either they were just to harsh on my teeth or they only worked for a little bit then they just stopped working. Having a camera ready smile is very important to me and i’m so glad I’ve found Smile Sciences.

The Smile Sciences kit is normally $299 but for my follower and by using this code SIMPLYSUTTER it is only $29. This kit comes with everything you will need for whitening your teeth. This kit also comes with a few vitamin E swabs and nifty pen for whitening upkeep. This whitening system is very gentle on my teeth and haven’t had any problems with irritation.

Simply Sutter - Smile - Teeth Whitening - At home Simply Sutter - Smile - Teeth Whitening - At home

Simply Sutter - Smile - Teeth Whitening - At home

Don’t you just love this robe! Below you will find a few other robes I’m loving as well! Happy Wednesday Everyone!




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