4 Scarf Hairstyles
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4 Scarf Hairstyles

Simply Sutter - Scarf - Scarf Hairstyles

Alright so if you have ever wanted to try a new hairstyle but don’t want to find yourself in an endless pit of tutorial tabs then you are in luck! Today i’m sharing a highly requested post on 4 scarf hairstyles. Also a quick FYI, you al know I love wearing my extensions every once in a while for fun so for today’s post i’ll be wearing them.

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The first way to wear this scarf is by far my favorite! The high ponytail is always something i’ve love wearing extensions or not but when I add a cute scarf like this one it just makes it look so much prettier!

Pulled back buns are a great hairstyle if you are wanting to add a bit of class and sophistication. If you like your top bun higher you could do that as well!

Another way to style this scarf is by doing a simple side braid, tieing it off at the end with a hair tie then making a bow. I like to use these one because they are a bit thicker so when I tie the scarf it adds extra support.

Lastly, I love wearing these square scarves in a low ponytail. I like switching it up a bit so sometimes I pull it straight back or I go to the side. Now that I think about I guess today’s post should say 5 ways!

Hairstyle Tip * Make sure you fold your square scarf in half to form a triangle. Then take the longest pointy part and gather it up in the middle. The middle is where you want to have it lay on where you are going to tie it.

Simply Sutter - Scarf Hairstyles - Easy Hairstyles

Simply Sutter - Scarf Hairstyles - Easy Hairstyles Simply Sutter - Scarf Hairstyles - Easy Hairstyles

Thanks so much for suggesting this post you guys! Honestly it was so fun! I even had the boys try this scarf on too! They weren’t fans but hey I thought they looked so cute! If you want to shop this $10 scarf and similar linen dresses i’ve made sure to link them at the top for you!

Have a great weekend friends!