5 ways to freshen up your bedroom for summer
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5 ways to freshen up your bedroom for summer

Well it’s that time again! The time where I get the itch to switch up certain spaces. If you attended my insta live video yesterday I chatted about my neutral pallet home and why I love it. One reason I gave is how it’s much simpler to make changes just by switching out a few decor items to really make it feel brand new. The first space I’m tackling is the Master bedroom (see the makeover here). I’m excited to share my 5 ways to freshen up your bedroom for summer today.

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Bedding is a great place to start when it comes to freshening up a bedroom. I love our floral quilt so I like to switch up the sheets. I love crisp white sheets but for a quick switch up I’m now opting for these grey striped ones. I’ve always been a lover of stripes and these ones simply make me happy. Doesn’t get better then sheets that make you happy!


To me lighting is like a pair of earrings. Sometimes you just got to take them up a notch to really pull a look together. Well it’s the same for lamps and what they make the room like as a whole. The laps you see above are ones we brought from our previous home. I love them but they were just a bit too short for this tall head board that we have. I knew I wanted an elegant pow! so these capiz lamps are perfect. Plus they are kind of giving me summer beach vibes. cadiz lamp - coastal room - master bedroom - lighting

Art Work

This one is always fun for me. I love when I walk down the picture isle and I see all the pretty art work that people create. I saw cute black and white giraffe picture the other day and I was like yes! I must have this ! my husband on the other hand was not having it lol so I ended up going with the prettiest floral prints. I will have to show you guys how it looks once they are up.


Weather it is a candle or essential oils, the way a room smells is pretty much everything. For cooler seasons I like a lot of clove or pine but for summer I’m obsessed with lemon, lavender and spearmint. I use Now essential oils every night and it’s crazy how much happier I am to go to sleep with just a few drops. Do you have any favorite oils?

Bedside Accents

Ok I am completely guilty of having a bedside that is a flooded with gadgets and books and papers at times. But when I finally put those things back in the correct place (really shoving it in a drawer..lol) It looks so pretty. I’m a sucker for flowers but lets be honest fresh flowers can get a bit pricy sometimes so I like to keep silk flowers around. These silk peonies are forever perfect for this space.

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I’m looking forward to sharing more home posts with you all! If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see just let me know! I hope you all enjoyed today’s post! Have a great weekend!