8 ways to feel refreshed and organized in 2018
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8 ways to feel refreshed and organized in 2018

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It always seems like as soon as January arrives we are all on organizing mode. Sometimes all of that organizing can drive us a bit cray and we end up making a bigger mess then we started. I’ve been guilty of this myself! Today I want to share all of my BEST organization tips for you so that you can start off this year feeling refreshed and organized.


Daily Goals

I like to start of with this one first, because in all reality smaller victories help set me up for success the rest of the day. I’ve been getting in to the habit of writing 3 goals that I want to accomplish for the day. They could be simpler things like take out the trash, get the mail or tasks that can require more time. For me it’s things like laundry which I dread some days! Anyone else? Writing these goals and working to complete them first before anything else makes me feel like the other task are great additions to what I’ve already accomplished.


Last year I did an entire post on how and what I used to organize our pantry. You can read it all here. It was driving me bananas just seeing it get so cluttered. These were the best items I could have bought to source up this space. One *extra tip* is to take things out of packaging. I find that having items like granola bars out of the box makes it simpler for me to grab something and go. Having it all organized really makes a difference.

Clean Inbox

I started using the Unroll.me about 2 years ago and since then i’ve been so grateful for this feature. Have you ever signed up to receive e-mails and you get so many of them in your inbox that you don’t even read them anymore. Unroll.me lets you unsubscribe from all of those in just a few clicks. It’s FREE also and a great time saver!

Closet Clean out

This one is actually my biggest challenge. I’m hoping to get a closet makeover soon because the upkeep can be a bit tedious. I will say though I like to just walk into our master closet and just take a quick look around at least once a month and get rid of items that we don’t wear. As a fashion blogger you can imagine the amount of clothes I have x2 closets. If I see that I haven’t worn it in a while or it’s simply ran its course it all gets donated. At the moment I keep of all of my clothes color coordinated which helps me find items much faster.

You Time

Taking time for you is the most important thing you can do. In the morning I would normally go straight to my phone and check my emails and of course Instagram. All while not noticing that I was starting to doubt myself and it was just not the best way to start my day. So now I just try to take a few minutes in the morning to thank God for all that he has done and cuddle with my puppies. I also make sure to schedule in sometime normally around lunch time to do something I enjoy like watch an episode of a show, eat cookies and give the puppies a treat. It’s a nice recharge.

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Medicine Cabinet

Ok so when I use to look at my medicine cabinet I would have so many beauty products in there. That when I would open it up sometimes things would come flying out! Try starting with meds and getting rid of any that are expired. Next keep what you love and a few products you want to test out for a week. This a great way to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Now when I open my medicine cabinet everything is clean, visible and organized.

Delegate Tasks

I am a list person! My lists get so long sometimes that it’s honestly if feels like it is never ending. My husband and I now use Picnic or Wunderlist to make our lists. It honestly is so much better then writing it down on paper then trying to figure out where your list is that you forgot at home is. We can both go on the app and check things off or add things to grocer lists etc.

No phone zone

Let’s face it sometimes our phones take up a big part of our lives and while it is completely understandable unplugging is great. When my husband walks in from work we both put our phones in a drawer by the key drop for an hour. This lets up catchup with one another, make dinner and take the puppies on a walk. An hour is a great amount time to start with! Sometimes we even forget about it longer.

Now after this very powerful post I know you all are ready to get organized and kick some organizing butt! I’m not going to lie I’m feeling it too! So much so that I’m adding one of my goals for tomorrow to be organize bed side drawer. That one is going to take some time so I think a victory large fry will be my reward!

Thanks so much for reading friends! Have a great weekend and here’s to getting organized!


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