Crepe-Bar : Tempe
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Crepe-Bar : Tempe

Arizona crep

One of my favorite things to eat is crepes ! I am not gonna lie I could eat them all the time! 
This weekend Christopher and I went on a late breakfast date to the Crepe Bar. I have been wanting to try this place ever since Amy from Amy’s Vintage Closet  mentioned it on her Insta ! 

Trust me this is a place you don’t want to judge by it’s cover It is AMAZING ! This place 
has such a great atmosphere and the customer service is lovely♥

 Christopher got : Burro Crepe with Chorizo (my goodness talk about melt in your mouth cheesey avacado amazingness) 
I got: Vanilla Bean with Strawberries (one word) Delish ♥
Crepe-bar review
Also this beauty that I ordered is a DIRTY CHAI mmmmM

The Crepe-Bar is located in Tempe,AZ 
I strongly encourage you to hop in your car, bike or horse (whatever lol) and get your crepe on ! 
at the Crepe-Bar

Are you guys liking the Arizona section ? I’d love to hear your thoughts ♥