DIY Faux Tile Wall
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DIY Faux Tile Wall

Faux Tile Wall Frame


It seems like it has been too long since I shared a home project with you all. I started to share our nook project with you then a lot of things happened and I didn’t have time to share the finished look. Today though I’m so exited to finally share our DIY faux tile wall we did in our breakfast nook. While this post is not sponsored we did find everything we needed at Home Depot.


Faux Tile Wall

For this wall in the breakfast nook I originally thought of doing the entire statement wall look possibly board and batten but to be honest the arch and that combo didn’t really appeal to me. Then I came up with the idea of a LARGE form of art decor. Spanish tiles is a style that I’ve always gravitated towards so since I couldn’t find large art work with that we decided to create our own. There was a cafe in Panama that had this gorgeous tile wall that really inspired me so I’m proud with how it came out.


breakfast nook




4 Frame Trim Wood 8 ft 

30 Vinyl Peel and Stick Tile 

Construction Gorilla Glue Clear

Verathane Wood Stain [ weathered oak / special walnut ]

Hand Saw

Paint Brush


Old Container For Stain Mix




  1. Mix 3:1 3 parts weathered oak and 1 part special walnut 
  2. Using paint brush LIGHTLY brush on wood trim
  3. When trim is dry cut ends at 45 degree angle using hand saw or electric
  4. Place construction gorilla glue all over back of one tile 
  5. Place first tile on wall starting left to right
  6. Repeat steps till tile is all on wall
  7. Add glue to back of trim
  8. Match up trim to edge of tile and secure following instructions of glue
  9. Using caulk fill in open spots of trim if needed
  10. Dab stain on caulk once it dries for an even finish


 diy framed art decor

perfect farm house stain


Hehe don’t mind my foot here lol. When it came to finding the correct stain that took a quite a few swatches. I do love the color we picked though!



faux tile wall

Faux Tile Statement wall

tile wall breakfast nook


TADA! What do you all think! I ended up ordering this darling jute rug to finish off this space and LOVE IT !! For the rug I originally ordered the 6 ft rug but then I re-ordered it in a 7 ft rug. This rug comes in a ton of other colors as well. 



 Just placing these peel and stick tiles on the wall will NOT hold up! Lesson learned lol! Placing them on a flat floor will work but when you place them on the wall they become too heavy and WILL fall off eventually. Adding the construction glue really does the trick!

Also place the tiles with the plastic covers on the floor first to see which ones match up better some maybe off a bit in the boxes. That way when you start to place them on the wall you already know they line up making the process go faster. 


If you all have any questions please do let me know in the comment section below. Have a great week everyone.