Simple Wardrobe Essentials For Women’s Spring Outfits
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Simple Wardrobe Essentials For Women’s Spring Outfits

spring-outfit-essentials spring-outfit-essentials

Are you looking forward to spring fashion but aren’t quite sure what to get to prepare? Well then I have the post for you! Today I’m sharing a few simple essentials for spring outfits.

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I always get super excited when it comes to shopping for spring items but before I dive fully into spring I wanted to give you a few essentials that will help starts your outfits out. The first spring essential is one that is very new to me because in all honesty its my first pair in what feels like forever. A pair of platform sandals are going to be what you want to wear with pretty much all your outfits! While some might be on the fence about platforms I’m going to share with you why these ones are perfect! Do you see how the front part of this sandal is elevated? That is what you are looking for so that they are feel comfortable and not like your foot might snap! OUCH! These platform sandals are also lightweight.


The final essential for creating spring outfits I want to share with you all is stripes? I’m a huge fan of black and white stripes but for spring I like to mix it up a bit do navy blue and white stripes! A blue and white striped tank top like the one I’m wearing is a great option. I believe it is ON SALE ( wearing xsp ) so I’d grab one before they are gone! I opted to wear mine with olive green pants but you could also do a white skirt or shorts. Another option would be do incorporate pastels with a pair of soft hued skinny jeans or shorts as well. Oh before I forget the back of this navy blue and white stripe shirt is adorable to with its buttoned back.


simple spring outfit essentials simple spring outfit essentials

simple wardrobe essentials for spring outfits

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I can’t wait to wear the heck out of these essentials! My spring outfits are all going to be so cute!

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading today’s post!


PS Here is a spring outfit from last year if you need more inspo