Everthing is Better with a Bit of Sparkle
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Everthing is Better with a Bit of Sparkle

If your like me there are certain things that make you a bit happier… I’d love to here what makes you happier ? It doesn’t have to be big it can be a simple as a song or a memory.
I’ll go first …

1. mint green nail polish with a little sparkle (because everything is better with a bit of sparrkle)
2. Hot Cocoa anytime it could be 100* degrees outside 
3.Candles Candles and more Candles

4.Food! If I am cooking or baking or enjoying a meal has made I’m in heaven !

5.Mi familia
6.Music currently anything Karmin (check them out)
7.Audrey Hepburn “quotes”
8.Having amazing friends that are each unique in their own ways
10. As lame as this one might be I enjoy watching Harry Potter with my husband
My list could go on but those are my top 10 
Your Turn =) 
Happy Wednesday