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I know fall isn’t officially till the 22nd but I just couldn’t wait 
So I did a few little changes around the house to make it feel more like fall “fallarize”
As you all know I am obssessed with candles so the first thing I did was get some seasonal scents 
The first I got was at Walmart with my mom it’s the wax that melts so this one is our kitchen it smell so goood 
The next is from bath and body works I love the stuff from there I got pumpkin pecan waffles *WARNING* this might make you a bit hungry after while but DO NOT eat the candle =) 
As far as how I fallarized my home I went and switched out our the pillows they were blue and beige the orange really makes the couches pop I also got a $1 glitter pumpkin at the dollar store “had to get it ! glitter gets me every time”
The last one is super delicious if you get a chance to go to Costco grab the pumpkin flax granola 
I have mine with a little bit of lactaid milk in the morning I was so surprised with how great it tastes
However you decide to fallarize your home have fun with it 
I would love to see what you come up with and know what your inspiration for decorating was