French Onion Soup Recipe
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French Onion Soup Recipe

world market
 The past weekend Christopher and I stopped in to World Market (love that place) and picked up a few soup bowls and mini skillets! With the new bowls I decided to try something new and make soup. 
This french onion soup was super easy and Christopher loved it ! 
french onion soup

1 Large Onion (Thinly Sliced)
Gruyere Cheese
Beef Broth 
2 Tbs Butter
Salt, Pepper, Thyme
French Bread (thinly sliced)
In a pan melt butter at medium heat
Add sliced onions & cook until transparent 
(15 min , stirring occasionally )
In a pot boil broth with salt and pepper to taste and dash of thyme for 10 minutes
(I used 16 ounces enough for 2)
add cooked onions to broth then laddel into bowls
shred as much of the cheese to your liking
Toast sliced bread and add on top of soup
sprinkle with cheese 
Preheat oven at 350
place bowl in oven for 10 min till cheese in nice and melted 
 Take out and Enjoy 
I enjoyed making this! I can’t wait to make more soups and warmer dishes in the fall !
If you have a chance make sure you go to World Market
they have such a great selection of cookware , wine, food and furniture 
Here are a few things from World Market I’m wanting
Every time I go in there I think of the endless theme party possibilities !

Happy Weekend !


world market wants

world market wants by simply-sutter featuring white ramekins