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If you were lucky enough to be born with a green thumb your one of the lucky ones !
I was not sad to say so I have to try extra hard to keep my plants alive
I myself find gardening very therapeutic 
my pups love it as well
Recently I wanted to start a small herb and veggie garden so I put on my sun hat and got to it
We went to our local Lowe’s and picked up Cilantro, basil and tomato 
at Michaels we purchased to mason jars 
everything else I had at the house

Gardening 101 when planting in mason jars you need to put in a good layer of rocks at the bottom so that it can create a drain 
I used 2 strips of painters tape around the mason jar then used chalk paint to paint in the middle of them 
and for the tomato plant I used a hanging planter that had in the garage and hung it where I have this cute owl wind chime 
I placed the herbs on an old table that was in desprite need of paint I used a stencil and paint that I had 

Id love to know what you find therapeutic 
If you have any gardening tips that would be lovely

4 responses to “Gardening”

  1. Well you certainly look like a professional gardener! 🙂 I don't have many tips, but I was successful at keeping a flower garden alive and thriving this summer! I think they key was remembering to water! 🙂

  2. Lovely post! I love gardening and have tried in the past like you to create a little herb garden, thing is I didnt water the plants every day so the not so resilient herbs died ;-(
    So I said to myself that I will become a pro later in live, maybe when I am 40 I find more time for my garden at the moment I have to concentrate on my kids. ;-))
    I wish you good luck with your gardening project!!

    • Monic says:

      Evelyn Im sorry about your herbs =( You can always buy more =)

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