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Gift Guides For Him

holiday gift guide for him - christmas gifts for him

Gift Guides For Him

Hi everyone Chris here!! I’m so excited to be sharing the first gift guide with you all today! Monic reached out to you all and to see what you had the hardest time with you and it was gifts for him! I hear ya! With that being said Monic asked the 3 men in my life ( Dad, Brother and Me the hubs) to share with me their top 3 holiday gifts and to give me a quote on why they chose them. I hope you all enjoys today’s post and get some great ideas as well!

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” I’m always busy so when I have some downtime I like to spend time away form the screen. A puzzle, reading material to catch up on hobbies or a man kit helps are perfect for helping me unwind.” –¬†Thomas, 24

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holiday gift guide for him - gift guide for dad - christmas gift guides

“I’m a tech dad so any gift that makes it easier for me to listen to a podcast, catch up on the latest news or even relax a bit more after a long day is a great idea.” – Tracy,¬†early 50’s

holiday gift guide for him - gift guide for husband - husband gift guide

” I’m always on the go weather it’s traveling for work, going to the gym or scheduling our next family event. Comfortable sneakers, an everyday watch or a sturdy backpack that travels with me are on my top 3 list.” – Chris, 30

There you have it! 3 gift guides with 3 gifts each. I had so much fun getting these ideas from them! Now i’m thinking about what gift guide We should do next? If you have any suggestions let me know =) I hope you all have a great weekend! Monic and I are currently in Tahoe enjoying the views and sipping lots of warm beverages. Everything is so pretty here I cant wait to see what photos we capture!

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