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Juicing ….
This is my new obsession
I absolutely in LOVE with my Nutribullet
If your someone who wants to get healthy but doesn’t have a lot of time, I would HIGHLY recommend buying this.
How the Nutribullet is different then a juicer?
The Blades actually bring out all the healthy nutrients from the vegetables and fruits and there is no excess pulp left over and take like 10 seconds to beld!
How Much? 
If you order online through its $99 BUT WAIT! you can actually make $20 payments every month if that works better
To make it a bit easier for my husband in the morning I cut all the fruits and veggies and but them in containers so he just has to take handfuls and throw it in the cup, blend and GO =) 
On this section of my blog I’d love to share and talk about what YUMMY drinks I or you are making.