Home Sweet Home
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Home Sweet Home

We have moved YAY ! It took us 5 months to get our home and after a month of craziness its starting to feel like home. It has def. not been easy and we have for sure had our moments where we butted heads but I guess that’s what its all about. Finding the “middle”. I am very proud of everything we are accomplishing we have painted our first room (the kitchen) and that was something we both did not think would be too complicated which we were absolutely wrong about and after 3 trips to home depot and a ton of blue tape its done ! Who thought that the two of us could actually install a doggy door, make a grass area for the pup, buy furniture and learn how to cook?? LOL . On that note we want to thank everyone including our amazing families and friends  for the warm wishes and support and on this journey i hope we can share our experiences and create some laughs. <3


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  1. Cute blog Mo! I love your house! It's so big! Finding the middle isn't always easy, I know that much, but it's the work put in that makes it all worth it 🙂 congrats to you both on your new house and new beginning!

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