How I Cope With Endometriosis
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How I Cope With Endometriosis

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Today’s post is a bit different but i’m so excited that I’m getting to write about it. I asked you all last week if wanted to see a post on endometriosis? With that being said my inbox was full of you all saying that you or someone you know suffers from this and that sadly you feel alone when it comes to this diagnosis. It broke my heart to see that! Before I jump into today’s post I want you to know that you are not alone and hopefully I can shed some light on how I cope with my endometriosis.

I was diagnosed when I was 18 after I don’t know how many doctors told me it was normal and 2 years of me being in excruciating pain. Please do remember that everyone suffers from this differently. For me personally every month it was the absolute worst it still is but i’m able to now cope with it easier sometimes.

Shortly after I was diagnosed I had a surgical procedure called a laparoscopy. I almost didn’t have it done because I was so afraid of having to go under. This is coming for a girl that’s never broken a bone or had to get any form of stitches. The day of my scheduled surgery my mom convinced me to get it done. Thank Goodness! This procedure was done so that the doctor could see if there were any lesions or cysts that needed to be removed.

Coping With Endometriosis

  • Medication (please contact your doctor before taking anything)

Large doses of prescribed Ibuprofen and Duexis don’t work for me so I stick to Menstroidal and applying bio freeze to my lower back. I also take migraine medication as it never seems to fail and I get one during that time. One other thing I always use is peppermint oil right on my lower tummy.

  • Diet/Exercise

I try to eat as clean as possible but don’t get me wrong my body wants what it wants, especially french fries! Other then that I drink a lot of water, lemon ginger tea and mint tea. I find that this really helps with my digestive system. I love my coffee too but I stay away from this the first couple of days. When it comes to exercise I do light stretching/yoga and sleep a ton! Naps with the puppies are my favorite.

  • Lady Supplies

Without getting to graphic =) I do what makes me and my body feel the most comfortable so I stay away from tampons as much as possible. Also me and “heaty” my heating pad are best friends!

  • What to wear?

I get all dolled up! PFFT! ya no! I literally live in my sweat pants and a comfy tee. I want to be as comfortable as possible!

  • Support

My husband is a really big help through all of this! He helps me with whatever I need and picks up the slack when I can’t. Chris also rubs my feet due to circulation issues.


What’s Next

I still get the “Are you planning on not having kids? we can do a hysterectomy” or the “we can give you a higher dose of something”. Now that I’m 30 i’ve become more direct with speaking to my OBGYN or specialist to get answers. When it comes to having kids endometriosis can effect fertility. I would be ridiculous to say that this isn’t a concern! Chris and I are looking forward to expanding our family so this in correlation to having endometriosis is something we are looking into more. And since i’m being completely transparent in all of this with you we pray about it every night.


Simply Sutter - Endometriosis - Endo - Clean eating - coping with endometriosis Simply Sutter - Endometriosis - Endo

Even though endometriosis is different for everyone I hope you found something helpful in today’s post. Feel free to click on those clickable links through the post to see more info about this disease. Thank you all for taking the time to read today’s post.


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