How to be confident in swimwear
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How to be confident in swimwear

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Happy Friday! I am so excited that this weekend its “supposed” to be in the 80’s. I’m really hoping to just put on my new one piece and just enjoy being by the pool. As much as I love the warmer weather  being in a bathing suit isn’t my favorite part but I do have some simple tips for you if you are needing a little confidence boost. 
1. Where bright colors: I have a lot of black swimsuits but having a few in fun poppy colors really gets me excited to slip one on, plus a few comments on the color is always nice. Colors that I am loving lately are teals, hot pinks, and yellow. You can see a few of my faves below
2. Fun cut outs: A one piece with a few fun cut outs always makes for a great addition. 
3. Festive sun hat: I love an oversized hat and lately I’ve been obsessed with the ones with cute words or sayings stitched on them. 
4. Happy Surroundings: When I say happy surroundings I mean be around people that make you feel good or simply being in a place that makes you cheerful. For me it’s on a lounge chair with an icy drink and my favorite tunes playing.

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Have a great weekend! Make sure to get lots of fresh air!