How To Style An Oversized Tee
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How To Style An Oversized Tee

Simply Sutter - Gucci Tee - Oversized shirt style - black jeans

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Hey friends! If you are a tee girl like me you are going to love today’s post on how to style an oversized tee!

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I got this oversized tee about a month or so ago and since then I seem to be grabbing every second I get. Who ever said oversized t-shirts were just for pajamas was so wrong! I love them! Especially this one i’m wearing it in a size small for a looser fit. I also really like fitted tee’s but sometime you just need a little bit of wiggle room! OOH before I forget I linked a VERY reasonable price tee above for you all as well! I would for sure take a look!!

How To Style Oversized Tee

To style an oversized tee in a casual way I like to go with an everyday pair of jeans or shorts. In this case I went with black jeans. You can opt to tuck in the shirt completely or can just tuck in the front. When it comes to footwear opt for a pair of heels to add a dash of chic. If you really want to make that tee pop I say go with a fun print like leopard! For a more casual look swap out the heels for sneaks or flats.

Simply Sutter - Overside tee outfit - gucci shirt - black jeans outfit

Gucci crossbody - gucci shirt - gucci outfit - simply sutter - tee outfit

Simply Sutter - simply sutter - gucci top - oversized tee - gucci bag - leopard heels

oversized tee - gucci tee - how to style - casual outfit - simply sutter

How do you all love styling your oversized t-shirts? Thank you all for wishing my pup a Happy Birthday! I cant believe he is 9 years old! He is such a grump but I love him! Have a lovely Wednesday!