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Hello everyone! Today I wanted to dedicate a blog post to any questions you have about IVF. I do my best to respond to them as they come into my inbox but wanted to share them here with you as well as a reference. Please do keep in mind to talk to your doctor first as everyone who goes through IVF has a different plan.


Why did you go from IUI to IVF?

Chris and I tried IUI 3 times and had no success with it. Our doctor had said it could take on the next one or couldn’t but that fact that I have endometriosis and a lower egg count because of it we would have stronger chances with IVF.


Is IVF covered by insurance?

I WISH!!! I have heard that some have had luck with getting IVF covered or partially covered but even though we have great health insurance it is not covered at all.


Do the injections hurt / do you inject yourself?

The injections weren’t actually too bad at least for me. The menopur injection is actually the worse one for me it has a bit of burning feel. I’ve also heard that the injections that go on the booty hurt but I can’t say because I haven’t had the chance to get that far. Chris is the one who does my injections. I don’t have a problem with needles or anything we just decided he would be the one to do them and is a pro.


Are you nervous during the egg retrieval?

Oh yes! I try really hard to stay as calm as possible but of course I’m still a bit nervous. The egg retrieval itself only takes about 15 minutes and you are asleep during it so you don’t feel anything.


What kept you going after finding out it didn’t work?

I really found comfort in my family and close friends. It’s hard to hear that it didn’t work and everyday is really a constant battle. I have days where I feel okay and then I have moments where I feel defeated! While I wish I had a magical answer to this it really just depends but know that it’s okay to feel sad and its also okay to feel hopeful.


Do you have another plan if IVF doesn’t work?

Just reading this question made me cringe a bit! Right now Chris and are just trying to focus on the present and even though we’ve touched on what other options might be we aren’t 100% sure yet.

How is Chris doing with all of this?

This is a great question! Chris has always been a very compassionate, level headed and strong person even as we go through this he has been the BEST! I know that it is a lot for him to go through this as well but always has the best attitude. Having him in my life has been the greatest blessing!


After sharing that the 1st IVF didn’t work how were you still so positive on Instagram?

I sort of answered this one above but it was really hard! I was nervous to even share that Chris and I were doing IVF but in my head I was SUPER optimistic that it would work so I was okay with sharing! When it didn’t though I felt like my entire world crumbled apart and then I was bit more reserved because my heart was broken. When it comes to instagram, being a blogger/influencer is my job. Like any other job it’s what helps us do IVF but it’s also a space that I want to share and connect with every one of you! So I did what I could each day. I tried to see the good in my days and to keep busy but some days that was easier said than done.


What are some side effects of the medications?

Everyone experiences different side effects but for me I had a lot of bloating, mood swings, headaches and fatigue. I’m always fatigued or moody so maybe I wouldn’t even count those ones lol! Bloating for sure though! No joke most of the time I couldn’t even button up my jeans or shorts! Seeing myself bloated though made me sad because you see what you could look like pregnant and then you’re like nope there’s nothing in there.



If you all have any other questions please feel free to reach out to me! I know this a tough topic to talk about! Thank you for always being such great IVF sisters and for always having kindness and hope in your hearts for Chris and I and we have you in our hearts as well! Have a great weekend!