Master Bathroom Tub Before and After
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Master Bathroom Tub Before and After

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Happy Friday! I can hardly believe that we will have been in our home for almost year already come November. This might seem crazy but I have NEVER used our master bathroom tub until 2 weeks ago! I know I know but I just had a vision of how it needed to be before I would use it! Today i’m giving you a closer look at the before and after of our master bathroom tub.

I love our marbles in framed bath tub so much but the towel rod was a major eyesore for me. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to replace it with. When I finally saw this stunning stair picture I knew exactly where I wanted it to go.  I quickly took out that eyesore of a towel rode and placed this grey framed picture and it was like a complete transformation. From there I purchased this shower caddy and added in a few tub necessities.

Some of my favorite tub necessities are a good smelling soap, a loofa and my favorite chakra spray. If I feeling like bubbles or a little something extra I use bath bombs or bubble bath soap.

Simply Sutter - Bathroom Makeover - Master bathroom - Relax - tub

Simply Sutter - Master bathroom - bathtub - aveda - tub Simply Sutter - Master bathroom - bathtub -tub Simply Sutter - Master bathroom - bathtub - tub

And now when I need to unwind this is where I will be with my wine of course! I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday