Getting Hair Healthy With Pantene
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Getting Hair Healthy With Pantene

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Has your hair ever needed rescuing? If it has keep reading to find out what saved my hair. For the last few month I have been on bed rest to help keep our babies safe. In those last few months I’ve done a lot of lounging on mountains of pillows which to some sounds great but after a while I started noticing my hair was changing. It felt lifeless, frizzy and dry. Thankfully Pantene has a Miracle Rescue Collection to help!!!


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Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection


With Pantene’s Miracle Rescue Collection,  I was able to easily reverse the damage of my hair. I like to start with the Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo first to cleanse and moisturize my hair and scalp. Next up the Miracle Rescue Conditioning Treatment is absolutely fabulous! Plus it has a blend of deeply-absorbing Pro-V Nutrients including pro-vitamin B5 and strengthening lipids.


Once I’ve done those two steps I spritz my damp dry hair with the Miracle Rescue 10 in1 Spray. This lightweight formula repairs damage, moisturizes, detangles, strengthens against breakage, protects color, acts as a heat protector, tames frizz, softens, smooths and improves shine.

If you need a concentrated dose of moisture and want to help prevent split ends, try the Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shot. This ampoule can be used in place of your regular conditioner as a weekly treatment.
I’ve been using this Miracle Rescue regimen for a while now and it’s done wonders. My hair is more soft and repaired allowing me to be ready for  more days of fun hair styles and perfect everyday curls. If your hair needs some rescuing, I recommend checking this one out.


You can learn more about the Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection here.