Modern Farmhouse Fall Dining Room
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Modern Farmhouse Fall Dining Room

How to decorate for fall - modern farmhouse decor - modern farmhouse dining room

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Hello Hello! Today i’m giving you a close up look at how I decorated our modern farmhouse dining room. It really only took a few items to give it that modern farmhouse feel so I’m excited to share with you all.

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If you want to see how our dining room use to look like last fall you can check out this post. It is a complete different look but both are great ways to style a dining room for fall. Since then we have made some changes to go towards the now modern farmhouse feel. Starting with adding in black accents. I always like suggesting that if you are wanting to change the style of your home to start with accents. This a great way to try a new style before you begin changing larger items like furniture and fixtures.

an easy way to do the modern farmhouse trend - modern farmhouse dining room - simply sutter


These black plates were actually a great deal! I looked at a few other stores and wasn’t impressed. I ended up ordering them in a couple of packs of 4 but you could also purchase single ones. Next I added two cute houses, vase, plaid pumpkins and since I love everting magnolia this cook book in black as well.


Modern Farmhouse Dining room - modern farmhouse style - fall dining room decor


For our fall items I went a bit pumpkin crazy but it always happens so I’m not surprised. Is anyone else like this? Anyway I took all the mini white pumpkins I could find from grocery store and placed them on top of the plates. I also found these white pumpkin stems to go with the lambs ear. The day I found these pumpkins I had my entire cart full of even more pumpkin decor but I think I made a good choice in keeping things simple.

Farmhouse Sideboard

Alright so I had been looking for a sideboard for some time now and when I came upon this one I knew we had to get it. This is farmhouse sideboard is the perfect amount of modern and farmhouse. It has 3 open shelves in the middle to place decor or to store silverware. On both sides it has 3 more shelves enclosed with glass modern farmhouse doors. This is a great place to add in serving ware.

How to decorate for fall - modern farmhouse decor - modern farmhouse dining roomHow to decorate for fall - modern farmhouse decor - modern farmhouse dining room

I went ahead and linked as many things at the top as I possibly could find for you all to make it easier if you want to shop anything. The sideboard is from Kirklands but just incase I’m linking a few other similar ones too. I hope you all loved today’s post. If there is any other holiday decor styling you want to see just let me know down below in the comments! Have a great weekend!