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Most Used Baby Products

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Most Used Baby Items


Before I became a mom of two I really had no idea what items to get. Especially when it came to figuring out what items I might need two of. Now that we are finally getting a bit more settled and have had a chance to use all of the baby items I thought it would be a good time to share our most used baby items.




Baby Brezza Sterilizer and Dryer


When it came to keeping the babies bottles clean we went with the newest version of the Baby Brezza Sterilizer. In 30 minutes we have 8 clean bottles and all the parts for it clean! It is also is quite so that’s nice since sometimes we have the babies nap in the living room that is close by to this product.


Dr. Brown Bottles


Speaking of bottles I’d heard from a few friends before that Dr. Brown bottles were the way to go. We could not agree more! We have switched sizes as Ella and Leo get bigger but regardless these are great. They do have a lot of parts but worth it when it helps your babies not have gas. Right now we have 12 of these bottles.


Baby Wipe Warmer


Absolutely genius! Especially for night time diaper changes. Nothing worse then putting a cold wipe to a babies bottom in the middle of the night. This wipe warmer is affordable and easy to use.


Baby Bouncer


We had to wait for our babies to be at least 7 pounds to use these bouncers ($27) but our kids love them! Leo really loves it! We say it’s like his lazy boy chair because this kid can’t get enough of it. We have two of these and thank goodness! It comes with a handy vibration feature as well that soothes them to sleep.


Lights and Sounds


Two other items that Chris and I use constantly are the Vava night light and the Hush sound machine. Both of these are lightweight and can easily be taken wherever you go. The touch night light goes between our room and the nursery at night since we want them to be in a calm night time routine. The hushh sound machine is perfect for car rides or nap time when in their pack and play.


Diaper Caddy


A diaper caddy is a must! My mom stays with us to help with the babies so at night she has this in her room. Then in the morning we keep it in the living room when we need to do a quick change. We also used it as a laundry hamper when we first brought Ella home since you can take the dividers out.


Barefoot Dreams Blanket


I had not idea about Barefoot Dreams baby blankets till my mother in law got Ella and Leo one. These are so soft and the babies love to snuggle with them.



A few more items


A few more items that we have in multiples and use are a lot are these pacifiers from Avent. We are constantly losing them in our house lol. Burp cloths are another thing I would recommend getting. We do have the much talked about Mamaroo as well but we did not get two as we got one to try it out and see if they liked it or not. Ella uses this while Leo is not a fan of it.


There really is no way to tell what your baby(s) might need or like until you try them out. As our babies get older I’ll share more items with you. Until then feel free to ask me questions and stay tuned for a diaper bag post!


– Monic