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Must have tassel top

Simply Sutter - Tassel Top - Spring outfit

What are your thoughts on tassels? Do ¬†you own a pair of those trendy tassel earrings? I personally love tassels and I own about a million pairs of tasseled earrings! If you are on board with this fun trend then you are going to LOVE today’s style post! Not to mention the price!

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Last week I got an email from a reader asking how she could wear tassels, so I had to share this recent top find with her! Tassels are great as statement earrings and necklaces but who says they are just for accessories. When I stumbles upon this top I knew it would be the perfect addition for jeans and skirts. I also can’t forget to mention that it is on sale for $23. Yes, you read that right! Such a good deal! If blue isn’t you color it also comes in black. Even though this a flowy top I ended up going with the usual XSP.

How To Style

For today’s look I went with a casual but chic feel. I like how incorporating a darker wash of jeans polishes a look. To kick it up one more notch I wore my favorite black blazer over this top and added a soft pair of pink pumps. A blazer is another closet staple of mine I think every girl should have. I made sure to link a similar one below for you.

Another way to wear this top is to go with a skirt. This printed one is amazing and has a dash of the same blue from them top. I would go with a nude pair of heels (last worn here) or these gorgeous closed toe wedges!

Simply Sutter - Spring style - tassel top - how to style - pleated tank top

Simply Sutter - Spring style - tassel top - how to style - pink pumps - gucci bloomsSimply Sutter - Spring style - tassel top - how to style
I hope you all had a great weekend! Did you all know that Sunday is actually the first real day of the week? I think a lot of people thought Monday was and I’m not going to lie I was one of them! Till one day in church they completely blew my mind and said that’s why on the calendar it says S M T W TH F S. Anyways now having that in mind I try to start Sunday off on a good note so that when Monday comes I’m ready to go.