My Hair Care Routine
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My Hair Care Routine

my hair hair routine



Hello there! I reached out to yo all about what you would be more interested in seeing between hair care or working from home makeup. It was a pretty close one but hair care came out on the top. Therefore today I’m chatting with you all about what I do as far as my hair care routine. Just like everything else I try to keep things really simple when it comes to my hair.


Shampoo and Conditioner

Let’s start with what I use to wash my hair. I tend to mix it up between two really good sets of shampoo and conditioner. I really feel like switching up my shampoo and conditioners every other month helps my hair. As opposed to using the same one over and over which can make my hair get to accustomed to the products and not work as normal. I use either Clean & Pure from Nexxus or Pureology Sheer Hydrate which is what I’m currently using.



Once a month I try to do a hair treatment or when I feel like my ends need a bit of help. This one from Alterna works wonders! It’s a 10 -1 product that can be used on dry or wet hair. When I use this leave in or when my hair is wet I make sure to use a detangler brush. I’ve had this mint green from forever but it really helps rid of the tangles. Sometime I even just add this treatment in to the ends.


Pureology haircare

alterna 10-1



As far styling goes I use the multi function spray before I start ANY heat styling. I’ve recently become a HUGE fan of using this blow drying hair brush! No joke it is lightweight, super easy to use and I love how it gives me a blown out style. If I’m going to curl my hair my go to is this barrel from t3. At the end of styling I might give my hair a light mist of the multi function spray but most of the time I don’t use anything.

healthy hair care

hair care routine


Extra Info ( Extensions )

For a few years now I have been using Hidden Hair Extensions. I wear 14 inch in shade 4/613. In today’s post this is my natural hair care routine. When I use extensions I only wash them once every 3 months which I love and I also never spray any products on them to help keep them like new.


my easy hair care routine


Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out today hair routine post! If you want to see my WORK FROM HOME makeup let me know!!