My New Home Office + 2019 Goals
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My New Home Office + 2019 Goals

Happy 2019 everyone! I hope you all had fun celebrating weather you were out and about or at home in your pajamas! Today I have a big post for you all! I’ll be sharing my new home office reveal as well as my goals for 2019! Honestly, I cant wait for you all to see this gorgeous white built in office! Before I share my 2019 goals with you all I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for helping make my blog flourish.

Keep Reading New Home Office

For my home office I partnered with my friends over at California Closets. They helped me with our master closet and we loved it so much so that when it came to design the office we knew they could make the vision become a reality.

As a full time blogger I work from home so a home office that was functional and inspiring really was necessary for Simply Sutter. Before this space was so uninspiring! I would work everywhere but in this office space. No matter how many times I rearranged my random pieces of office furniture it never felt right. You can see below what I mean. YIKES!

new home office design with California closets

white built in office with large shelves and farmhouse decor

Blogger Office Design

I always envisioned a space that was polished yet practical. I have to say this is the perfect blogger office Chris uses it too so really it’s just the best office design ever! California Closets created a space with plenty of storage and shelving that houses all of my equipment and important documents. I made sure to get a few roll out drawers so that it easy to access the printer and shredder. There really is nothing better then when everything has its own place.


I will of course be doing another full post on organization when it comes to the home office. I know quite a bit of you are like me and love to see how people organize!


This built in office also has built in lighting at the top! I love how it adds a bit more light but also features the decor items on the shelves as well. One thing I really wanted was a seating bench! We went back and forth a few times on this but I just had this picture of our future children reading in this spot. Did this reading nook not turn out the cutest?! Right now our two puppies Riley and Bo love to take naps and look out the window. Below this seating bench is also extra space where I have my filing system.

California Closets Install

At the end of August I met with my designer Robin Gulley at their Chandler, AZ location to come up with the perfect design and in late October the office install began. Every project with California Closets is 100% customizable to what the clients needs making it simple to tailor it the budget. They have tons of options as well! That was probably my favorite part was the design process!


If you can believe it the entire office install only took 2 days! The installers came in at around 9 am and were done at 4pm. On the last day the installer stayed a bit extra to make sure everything was perfect! Our designer Robin also stopped by during the installation with flowers and to check on the office.


Now that I have an office that is bright, airy and functional it makes coming to work and running a business that much more satisfying!

moder farmhouse office shelf decor

built in bench reading nook inside officeoffice decor ideasbuilt in reading nook inside home office blogger home office featuring a contemporary modern farmhouse decor

traditional modern farmhouse white built in office


My 2019 Goals

Every year I write down my personal and business goals separately but for my 2019 goals I decided to mesh them. Here is a look what I hope to accomplish this year.


  • Grow our family
  • Be more aware of God’s daily lessons
  • Put my phone away by 8pm
  • Learn to stop apologizing for being a-go-getter
  • Have audacious faith

Thank you all so much for taking the time to see my new home office! I’ve been so eager to show you all so it’s nice to finally share this space. Make you check out California Closets for your next home project! They really are amazing!


Have a great and productive first Wednesday of 2019 everyone!



This post is sponsored by California Closets all thought and opinions are my own.