New Living Room Inspiration
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New Living Room Inspiration

As many of you now know Christopher and I are building our very first home! We both are extremely excited and can’t wait to grow our family in it. With that being said my goodness I had no idea how many details there were in building a home. By all means I did not think it was going to be easy but there are so many tiny details that I would have never thought to think of! Even though there are lots of things to think of and plan I think my favorite part will be actually filling each of the rooms. Interior design has always been something I really enjoy and I that’s why I have decided to start incorporating more of it on Simply SutterCheck out my last interior post in our old home. I’m hoping that you will find inspiration in creating your humble abode! While I’m starting with a collage for you today you will be seeing more life styled post with in the actual home once we finally move in and get settled in. Without further adieu lets get started shall we!
First up the living room! For the this space I wanted to have a good balance of simple and chicness. So I have decided to create an effortless color palette that allows us to switch out smaller items to fit our mood. Choosing classic colors like dreamy gray’s, cozy beiges and contemporary whites are what we are thinking of doing with for this room. We are also wanting to add various textures as well with the earthy woods, multi textured pillows and soft touches of faux fur.
In creating our new home we really just envision it being airy, inviting and filled with love.
Im so excited to start sharing more with you all and to take you on this next chapter.

Have a great weekend everyone!