How I Organize My Home Office
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How I Organize My Home Office

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Happy February! Remember when I showed you all my home office? In this weeks organization post I’m sharing with you all how I organize my home office. Organizing my home office is something I’m still working on but I wanted to show you what I have done so far.

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I’m going to start it off by sharing one of my favorite drawers. This is my go to drawer when I’m working from home. This is wear I store my planner, sticky tabs, thank you cards and various gel pens. Next to the various gel pens the time cube is one item I use all the time. This time cube really helps me stay on track with my daily tasks.

Storing Important Neccesities

When we had our office designed I knew I wanted a lot of storage to house various items. At the moment I have one drawer as a designated filing cabinet. In this file cabinet I have my contracts, tax documents and other important documents. Having this filing system with labels really makes everything easier to file away. In the wicker covered bins I have extra computer paper and my craft bin. I need to get 2 more to store a few more things.

Organizing office including office drawers

home office organization ideas file cabinet home office organization

home office organization

I like to make sure that similar items get stored in the same area. Doing this reminds where to put items back. In this cabinet I store all of my camera, equipment and tech gear. The bottom pull out drawer houses all of my extra notebooks and planners. I’m a sucker for a cute notebook. Anyone else?

home office organization

Lastly for today’s office organization post I have the cabinet to the right of my desk. I would like this to be the spot where I have a shred bin, a trash bin and to have a place to to keep mailing items. Do see where the printer is? That drawer actually slides out! So cool! Alright friends there you have it how I organize my home office.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you all have a great weekend! I am looking forward to Sunday!