How I Organize My Pantry
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How I Organize My Pantry

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Hi everyone! I’m not sure about you but organization makes me really happy! Just thought that with just a few bins and labels everything can have a certain little home if you will brings a smile to my face. Okay enough of my cheesiness. I’m so excited that today I’m sharing how I organized my pantry.

In our old house Chris and I didn’t even notice we didn’t have a pantry till we moved in! We had cabinets but it’s just not the same! I really wanted to make the most out of our pantry so it was fun getting to finally do this. As you can see from the before pictures there was just a lot of stuff everywhere and kind of just too much for my eyeballs to handle.

There are so many different items to keep everything stored but I stuck with what I liked and made sense for us.

Woven Baskets 

Pop Up Containers (in various sizes)



Chalk Marker

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Simply Sutter - Pantry Simply Sutter - Pantry - Organize PantrySimply Sutter - Pantry - Organize Simply Sutter - Pantry - Organize Home Simply Sutter - Pantry - Can rack Simply Sutter - Snacks - Organize PantrySimply Sutter - Cookie Jar - organize home - pantryWhen it came to storing  bulk items and snacks these pop containers are amazing. They come in a ton of different sizes making it easy to store all your bulk and snack items. While these containers come in a pack of 10 you can also buy them separately. I just got a few extra medium sized ones to have on hand. Even though these containers are clear I had to do some labeling. I ended up getting two different sized labels.

The woven baskets are great for boxed items, chips and my personal favorite coffee. Chris and I are constantly stocking up on coffee and espresso. Having multiple sleeves of coffee and espresso in this bigger box is perfect for creating less clutter.

To store cans, jars and soda these can-racks are perfect.

I hope you all are in the mood to do some organizing. I know I’m looking forward to tackling another room.

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