3 Spots In My Home I’ve Organized Recently
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3 Spots In My Home I’ve Organized Recently


Kitchen Sink


Oh my goodness I’m honestly not sure why I didn’t think to organized under here sooner! I’m so glad that I finally had a chance to do this. We have a giant pipe and some cords under the sink and I was a bit worried I wasn’t going to be able to make this work. Luckily with the under sink shelf system I was able to customize the shelves a bit so it worked nicely! This tiered shelf system I used for under the kitchen sink was actually really easy to setup. Having to shelves allowed for more room to store things and keeping items visible.

Master Bathroom Sink


Before organizing under the my side of the master sink I just had one giant bin with everything sort of thrown in there. It was always a hassle getting things out and putting them back without making a bigger mess. I decided to go with acrylic bins from the container store after going through the products I really used. The large bin at the bottom is actually for sweaters and the two other acrylic bins are for large shoes. Just goes to show how you can use repurpose specific bins for other areas in your home. There is now plenty of storage space for hair and beauty products.

Dresser Drawer


My dresser drawer mainly my “delicate” drawer was somewhat organized since there was no real dividers it made it hard to keep it that way. With dividers it’s easier to keep things like undies, bras and socks neatly in order as well as continuing to keep things that way. The dividers that I used are inexpensive and again can be used in several other spots in your home. I like this for office drawers, junk drawers etc.


Hopefully you all enjoyed today’s post on what I’ve organized lately. Again you shop these organization products for your home too!

Have a wonderful week!