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If you are 5’4 or under and have a hard time finding great fitting petite clothing look no further! Short Story is a styling service that is specifically dedicated to helping petite women curate the perfect pieces from their own home! I’m 5’2 so it’s important to me to find pieces that fit well for my frame!


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How Does Short Story Work?


If you have done a styling service this might seem familiar even if you haven’t before it’s really simple! You start off by taking a quick style quiz to create a style profile. The style experts at Short Story ┬áthen handpick pieces based on your taste, budget and other preferences. Your stylist then sends you your 5-6 curated pieces to try on. From there you have 5 days to decide what items you want to keep or return. Shipping returns are FREE too!


How Much Does It Cost?


The styling fee for each Story Box is $25. This styling fee is applied as a credit for anything you want to keep.


What Was In My Short Story Box


petite styling service - petite women's clothing - petite jeans - petite outfit - short story box




I’m a huge denim girl so I was super excited to try these crop flare jeans on! I love the frayed hem also the inseam! Finding the right inseam is super import to me when buying jeans. Also this black mock neck long sleeve hugged in the right places while also still being comfy!


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Both of these pieces are butter soft! These joggers have a nice feel but also fit great on the ankles. It’s so nice when you don’t have to worry about altering a pair of joggers.


petite styling service - petite fashion - petite women fashion




Jumpsuits can be super tricky when it comes to finding them in petite sizes. This jumpsuit though from Short Story is absolute perfection though! I love how comfy it and that you can easily dress it up or down!


If you want to get in on this lovely service and try it for yourself just tap here!






Thank you to Short Story for sponsoring this post!