Snips : Pumpkin Patch
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Snips : Pumpkin Patch

Happy Halloween ! Well Almost Halloween ! This week was a bit hectic for me so the post I originally had will not be happening but I am however sharing with you how we spent our day at the pumpkin farm ! One thing I love to do every fall is to visit the pumpkin patch to pick up pumpkins for Christopher and I. Before we pick out our pumpkins we stop and get a lemonade and either kettle corn or roasted almonds ! Then we head on over to play a couple of rounds of mini golf, this time I won !! That never happens ! ” Happy dance for me ! Christopher was really wanting to try the pumpkin chili and let me just say this it was AMAZING ! 
This year I went with a smaller pumpkin because last year I made the mistake in getting one that was too big and had to carry it the entire way back to the car lol ! Before we left we made sure to stop by one of the adorable ships and got the puppies some homemade pumpkin treats ! 
Well I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween if you are celebrating =) I’m excited to bake a little something for get together this weekend ! Hopefully some trick o treaters ! 
p.s what do you think of our pumpkin carvings ?!!