Spruncin Up and My Christmasy Jumper
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Spruncin Up and My Christmasy Jumper

I was taking a look at my blog and I was just 
Not liking it 
So I kind of went back to a more clean sleek look
I hope your eyeballs like the new page 

My Christmas Jumper 
I love it Its a Wittle Penguin 
I love wearing festive attire that I don’t get to the rest of the year 
This morning I may or may not have worn my 
furriest hat 
My Pups 
Aren’t they adorbz

3 responses to “Spruncin Up and My Christmasy Jumper”

  1. Jane Harman says:

    haha story of my life! i redo my blog about every other day. cute dog!!

    • Monic says:

      Hi Jane !
      I can never make my mind up =) thanks for stopping by

  2. Lauren says:

    Monic your dog is too cute!! Love that jumper too. I am the same way too – I always get bored of my design and change it LOL. I hope you had a great holiday! xo

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