The Big Question ??
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The Big Question ??

The big question I get asked a lot ..
How is it being married so far?
I always seem to want to laugh when I get asked this. I just feel like the person is wanting me to say something outrageous or ..idk!
Is That Weird?
or Is it just me ?
A bit of background:
I have been with my husband for 6 years now on the 20th 
1 year of marriage in March
we lived with each other pretty early in our relationship and have been inseperable since well except for 2 weeks but that is another story 
we met at work while at a call center for Nike
So its not like I just up and married a stranger lol 
What can I say the man gets on my nerves some days most of the time he is pretty good =) 
He puts up with all my ups and downs and rubs my feet daily 
He is my Co Chef in the kitchen and The Pilot in the car 
He does his best to make me happy all the time 
but I admit I can be stubborn
He lets me sing all the girly songs I want to and holds his tongue with my grandma driving skills  
So what Can I say besides 
Its Great