The Ultimate List of What To Watch While Quarantined
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The Ultimate List of What To Watch While Quarantined


what to watch quarantined



With everything going on with the Corona virus it seems like a lot of us have decided if possible that it is better to stay in our homes. While I completely understand that it is different for everyone I personally only went out this weekend for a groceries and an 2 quick errands. One being for a work project I had to complete. Today I wanted to give you a list of shows and movies that will bring you some laughs, a sense of light heartedness or make you want to binge watch.  I know for me right now I need shows and movies that make me laugh or smile. Since I do work from home I don’t always get to watch a full movie or show till I’m done with work for the day but even to have something in the background like that is comforting.




Seinfeld (HULU)

Drain The Oceans ( Disney +)

Ghost Whisperer ( HULU )

Outlander – Season 1-3 ( Netflix )

The Story Of God ( Netflix )

Locke and Key ( Netflix )

The Protector ( Netflix )

Dirty John ( Netflix )

The Great British Backing Show Series ( Netflix )

One Day At A Time Series ( Netflix )

Schitts Creek ( Netflix )

Troop Zero ( Amazon Prime )

Lego Masters ( Hulu )

Librarians ( Hulu )





Pirates of The Caribbean ( Disney+ )

Frozen 2 ( Disney+ )

Star Wars ( Disney + )

Around The Wold In 80 Days ( Disney +)

Spencer Confidential ( Netflix )

Bridget Jones ( HULU )

Good Sam ( Netflix )

The Hundred Foot Journey ( Netflix )

Kate & Leopold ( Netflix )

Leap Year ( Hulu )

Harry Potter Series ( Youtube TV )

Angry Birds 2 ( Netflix )

Hook ( Netflix )

Bad Boys 1 & 2 ( Netflix )

Faith Hope & Love ( Netflix )

Wreck It Ralph ( Disney+ )

Cheaper By The Dozen ( Disney +)

Cinderfella ( Hulu )

When Harry Met Sally ( Hulu )

Johnny English ( Netflix )


If you need more shows or movies check out my previous post HERE or HERE. Sending everyone prayers in this time of need!

If there is anything specific on here you would like a post on just let me know.