6 Turtlenecks to buy under $50
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6 Turtlenecks to buy under $50

fashion blogger shares 7 turtlenecks to shop under $50 to wear for winter

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Hello everyone! It seems like tons of people I follow on the gram has been having a lot of windy and snow days. I am not one for braving the snow but it does look so pretty! Anyways weather you are having a snowy day or windy a turtleneck always comes in handy. Today I’m rounding up a few turtlenecks to buy under $50. Plus I’m sharing how I am styling mine!

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When it comes to turtlenecks I fee like you only really need a few for different occasions. Regardless of the occasion though you don’t need to spend a ton of money on them. I’d say $50 and under and is a great place to consider when shopping for them. Turtlenecks come in all different styles now but I would suggest getting a few basic ones, chunky ones and one or 2 that are easy to layer.

The one I’m wearing today was probably the first turtleneck I bought for the winter. I thought I had one in black but turns out I didn’t. A black turtleneck like this is thin enough to wear I can put them under dresses or wear alone with a scarf. This one actually comes in a few other color as well. For my turtleneck outfit today I added a checkered scarf, high waisted jeans and boots that matched my crossbody bag.

Other Turtlenecks To Buy

As I previously mentioned you don’t need to covet too many turtlenecks but there are few to consider. A chunky turtleneck like this one is perfect for extreme chilly days. I brought a few chunky knit turtlenecks when we went to Lake Tahoe last year and I’m glad I did! They kept me very cozy! Another type of turtleneck to make sure you have are ones that you can easily layer! You can layer basic thinner turtlenecks under dresses, vests, and extra layer outerwear.

fashion blogger shares 6 turtlenecks to shop under $50 to wear for wintera casual black turtleneck outfit with high waisted jeans a plaid scarf and bootshow to wear your black turtleneck with a scarf and high waisted jeansa casual black turtleneck outfit with high waisted jeans a plaid scarf and boots

How has your week been going? Have you any days yet where you needed to wear a turtleneck? The other day it was so windy that I made sure to wear this one under my puffer vest. On another note I finished the Dirty John podcast and now need another one to listen to. Any suggestions?


Thank you so much for reading today’s turtleneck post! Check back Friday for another organization post!


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